Hanover Township Police Department

Morris County, NJ



The Patrol Section is comprised of uniformed officers using marked and unmarked patrol vehicles to answer emergency and service calls. The Patrol Section is responsible for preventative patrol activities, discovery of public hazards and delinquency causing situations, as well as for all initial calls for police, fire and medical assistance. The officers are responsible for the preliminary investigation of crimes, traffic enforcement, DWI detection and apprehension and drug interdiction. Officers are required to enforce all applicable laws and arrest those that violate them. They are required to process those arrested, prepare written reports to document their actions and appear in court when required to assist in their prosecution.

Officers often are required to direct and control traffic, conduct accident investigations, perform crime prevention activities as well as community and public relations. Officers also routinely perform business and vacant house checks, provide funeral escorts and cover crossing guard posts when the guard is unavailable. Patrol Officers are also available to provide a wide range of miscellaneous services in order to better serve the community. Officers work 12 hour shifts rotating between days and nights every 2 weeks.


The Detectives’ primary responsibility is to conduct follow-up investigations of all criminal matters. Detectives assigned to this division develop and maintain sources of intelligence information pertaining to criminal activity. Based on the information they gather, they also initiate investigations. They review all criminal activity reported within the township and correlate information as it may pertain to open investigations.

They work closely with neighboring police agencies as well as county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. When necessary, they apply for and execute search warrants, they maintain fingerprint and photograph files and they prepare cases for prosecution. The detectives are also responsible for storing and securing evidence relating to investigations and found property. Additionally, they perform other administrative tasks such as police applicant background checks, ABC license investigations, firearms applications processing and maintenance of Megan’s Law files.

One detective is designated as the Juvenile Officer and handles investigations involving juveniles and processing complaints against them. The Juvenile Detective also coordinates the DARE program and acts as a liaison to the schools. Detectives work in plain clothes and drive unmarked vehicles.

If you have any information that can assist our detectives in an investigation or have information regarding criminal activity, please call 973-428-2512. All information provided will be kept confidential. You can provide the information anonymously.


The Communications Center is manned by a Communications Officer. There are four full time and two per diem Communications Officers. They are civilian personnel, working the same rotating shift as the patrol officers. Our Communications Center handles all 911 calls as well as non emergency calls coming in to the Department. The Communications Officers are also responsible for Fire and EMS dispatching. They have access to DMV and NCIC / SCIC files as well as ATS / ACS records. The department operates the Enforsys Computer Aided Dispatching System (CAD) and Records Management System (RMS) in order to enhance services. The CAD and RMS systems enable the officers to access departmental databases such as restraining orders in effect, gun permits and prior calls for service to a particular location. The system interfaces with Bio-Key mobile application which provides officers with silent dispatch capabilities.


The Crime Prevention programs are geared towards educating people on safety and security issues. Officers are available by appointment to meet with you and address safety or quality of life issues. Currently, the following programs are offered by our department.

  • Home Security Surveys – Officers are available to evaluate your property and provide suggestions and ideas on how to improve security and therefore reduce the chance of becoming a victim of a crime. If you would like to schedule a Security Survey, you can contact us by e-mail or by calling Police Headquarters at (973) 428-2516.
  • Vacant House Checks – The Police Department will make periodic checks of your residence if it is vacant due to vacation or extenuating circumstances that require you to be away for an extended period of time. If you would us to put you on the list for the Vacant House Checks, you must contact us the day before your scheduled departure. You may do so by e-mail or by contacting Police Headquarters at (973) 428-2512.
  • Shut In Program – This program is designed to check on the welfare of our residents that are confined to their house due to illness or other circumstances beyond their control. An officer of the Department will contact you in person by phone periodically to ensure that you do not need additional assistance. If you would like additional information about the Shut In Program, you may contact us by e-mail or by calling Police Headquarters at (973) 428-2516.
  • Neighborhood Watch Program – This program is to organize neighbors and bring them together in order to make them more vigilant about what is going on in their neighborhood. The program, in operation since January 1999, has almost 200 members and it is growing. periodic meetings are scheduled and hosted by one of our officers and feature presentations on safety issues as well as any current crime trends and prevention tips. If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch program in your area, join an existing one or get more information, you may contact by e-mail or by calling Police Headquarters at (973) 428-2516.
  • Presentations / Tours – Officers are available to conduct tours of Police Headquarters and make presentations to groups or organizations relating to Child Safety, Senior Citizen Scams and Occupant Protection and Usage. If you would like to schedule a Tour or Presentation on one of the above mentioned subjects or another police related subject, you may contact us by e-mail or by calling Police Headquarters at (973) 428-2516.
  • Fingerprinting – The Police Department provides fingerprinting for residents of the township for a variety of reasons such as pre-employment requirement. The cost is $10. Those needing to be fingerprinted must make an appointment by calling Police Headquarters at (973) 428-2493.