Hanover Township Police Department

Morris County, NJ

Video System Registration

The Township of Hanover Police Department is committed to keeping your community safe.  Many residences and businesses are now utilizing various types of surveillance camera systems.  These systems may assist this department in solving crimes which might occur in the camera’s area of coverage.  The Township of Hanover Police Department is requesting that residents and businesses voluntarily register their privately owned surveillance camera systems.  Information or footage captured on these surveillance cameras may assist in the apprehension and prosecution of individuals involved in criminal activity in your neighborhood.  You will only be contacted by this department if there is an incident within the vicinity of your camera system and we may request to view footage in order to assist with our investigation.  Please note that you are not obligated to grant this department access to your surveillance camera footage at any time, whether your system is registered or not.  Thank you for your partnership with this department in our endeavors to keep the Township of Hanover a safe community to live, work or visit.  

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In the event that the Police Department needs access to your recording to investigate a crime, would you allow access to the recording?