Hanover Township Police Department

Morris County, NJ

In Memoriam

Chief John J. Deventer 1930-1995

On July 14th, 1995, recently retired Hanover Police Chief John Deventer drove two elderly friends to Fairmont Cemetery in Newark to care for a gravesite. Unfortunately, Chief Deventer never made it home as he was brutally murdered protecting those elderly friends against a robbery. Chief Deventer was unable to enjoy his long awaited retirement after 34 years of service to the Township of Hanover.

On September 10th, 2022, the Hanover Township Police Department along with the Hanover Township Committee held a dedication ceremony for Chief Deventer to honor, reflect and remember Chief Deventer’s service and career. Several members of Chief Deventer’s family were present to witness the renaming of our police headquarters to “Chief John J. Deventer Memorial Police Headquarters" and the unveiling of a memorial dedicated to him. We welcome everyone to come visit Chief Deventer's Memorial at our police headquarters.